Professional Courses for School Staff

While the Free Student First Aid (VTQ) programme delivers quality education, it is at a non-professional level to be relevant to students. The Free Student First Aid (VTQ) course does not meet the requirements for teacher or workplace education. For those wishing to receive professional level training, ProTrainings offer several options.

Online Training Programmes

See our course catalogue for the full listing of our profressional courses.

Note: We also offer many classroom courses, including HSE required training. Find a course near you on ProCourses.

Why train your staff?

  • Make your school safe and compliant by training staff in First Aid and Health and Safety.
  • Monitor your staff through a single compliance management dashboard that makes keeping track of expirations easy.
  • Significantly reduce staff training costs and downtime.
  • Custom solutions and volume discounts are available.

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