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First aid for pets is similar to first aid for humans, but you need to be more careful.  Even a normally calm, friendly pet can become aggressive when they are in pain, and they may scratch or bite to show pain.  When treating a pet you must still ensure that you are safe and that the pet can come to no more harm, then treat the injury, protecting yourself from the pet if it turns on you.  Bleeding is a common injury, and you can put dressings on as you would with a person. Choking is common, but most animals can clear obstructions themselves.  Be careful not to put your fingers into a dog's mouth as it may bite you!

If a pet is injured in a car accident, then take care to keep it still and get help since they have broken bones. In all accidents and illnesses with pets, it is vital that prompt, professional medical attention is received from your vet. 

If you would like to know more about Pet First Aid see www.propetfirstaid.co.uk